The History of Mockumendations, Volume 1

Hello Loyal Mockers and welcome to a new feature on our little website. Each week on our award winning podcast, Eric and I dispense pop cultural assignments to each other. This segment quickly swept the nation and goes by the name of The Mockumendations! So far, across thirty-two episodes there have been 55 mockumendations (25 music based, 19 TV shows, 10 movies and 1 comic book). The following article is the first in a series that will begin the documentation of The History of The Mockumendations!

Episode Two

Eric Mockumendation: The 1988 Lita Ford album ‘Lita’. Eric has had a long love affair with the glam metal scene of the 1980’s and that will become apparent throughout his mockumendations.

Andy Reaction: “I enjoyed it very much, especially songs like ‘Back to the Cave’ and ‘Deadly Kiss’ (EDITOR’S NOTE: He means ‘Kiss Me Deadly’). “Thumbs up!”

Andy Mockumendation: The pilot episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. Andy has had a long love affair with HBO original programming and that will become apparent throughout his mockumendations.

Eric Reaction: “It took me a couple of viewings to get through and I actually had to be told by Andy that there was more to the episode, as I originally thought it ended with the Dothraki impaling the blonde haired chick with his big cock.”…”I understood more the second time through since there was so many characters”…”I would watch episode two” (EDITOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe Eric has ever watched episode two)

Episode Three

Eric Mockumendation: A well-regarded 2005 run of Doctor Who, featuring Christopher Eccleston in the two parter ‘The Empty Child’ and ‘The Doctor Dances’.

Andy Reaction: “I liked it, there were some really creepy scenes in the first episode”…”I wasn’t a big fan of the ending which seemed like re-hashed Star Trek: The Next Generation”…”I don’t understand why I don’t watch more of this show since I am a fan of science fiction and British stuff”…(EDITOR’S NOTE: Confirmed by guest that this was a classic two part run in the series) (SECOND EDITOR’S NOTE: Andy has not watched a single Dr. Who episode since this Mockumendation).

Andy Mockumendation: Andy’s favorite band is My Morning Jacket and they re-issued their third studio album ‘It Still Moves’ with some fresh masterings…

Eric Reaction: “This has been polished up pristinely”…”I believe that parts have not just been re-mastered but re-recorded (Dave Mustaine style)”…”They ran it through the Butch Walker machine”…

Episode Four

Eric Mockumendation: The 1982 KISS record ‘Creatures of the Night’…even though Gene Simmons tests his patience, KISS remain one of Eric’s very favorite bands and he mockumends this Ace-less KISS Klassic…

Andy Reaction: “I really enjoyed it”…”Just a really solid record”…”It was a little harder edge then I would have thought from KISS”

Andy Mockumendation: Andy has been trying to tell Eric that he would enjoy Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’ for years and finally had the opportunity to make him actually listen to it!

Eric Reaction: “I was pleasantly surprised, the album gripped me from the start”…”Much more accessible than recent Radiohead releases”…”I got into these songs, which were just straight ahead rock songs”

Dreadworld Dreadmendation: We occasionally welcome guests to our little podcast and one of our favorites is Dreadworld! Dreadworld is a great horror fan site with great reviews and news about all things horror and he gave us the haunted house movie, ‘We Are Still Here’.

Eric and Andy Reaction: “Why was that guy wearing such ugly sweaters”…”I can’t ever remember the name of this movie”…”I thought the acting was pretty rotten in spots”…”The end didn’t make any sense although the burning effect from the Dagmars was pretty cool especially when old man Dagmar squished that old douchebag’s head”

Episode Five

Eric Mockumendation: The documentary, “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts”…Andy and Eric were both pretty big fans of wrestling growing up so this was a solid choice!

Andy Reaction: “I definitely enjoyed it, especially the part where Jake was so wasted he couldn’t even perform a successful DDT during a low rent match-up”…”Scott Hall, how could that overweight dude in the wheelchair be Razor Ramone?”…”Maybe ran a little long but definitely recommend it to any wrestling fan”…

Andy Mockumendation: Andy also likes a lot of FX television series, with The Americans being one of his favorites and he mockumends the pilot episode.

Eric Reaction: “Enjoyable episode, thought it was well done”…”I did have to go in for a second watching as I was tired during the first time around”…

–Ok, that’s it for part one! Thanks for reading and send us feedback in the comments section if you have any ideas for possible future mockumendations! Click on the links above if you want to listen to our full remarks on these pop culture mileposts!

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