The End of the First Season of Preacher is Nigh!

Good evening Loyal Mockers and welcome to another edition of the quite sporadic How Well Does Andy Understand the Latest Episode of Preacher Blog! I am about to dial in the penultimate episode of the first season and, quite frankly, despite enjoying the series I still don’t really understand what the f*ck is going on.

WHAT I REMEMBER: Arseface is in hell while Jesse is in handcuffs after signing the church over to Quincannon…the Genesis device (wait, that’s Star Trek) was taken out by The Angels but it quickly escaped from the coffee can and is now back inside of Preacher…Tulip fed Cassidy a basset hound…

EPISODE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION: “Finish the Song”…Jesse’s in the wind while those close to him face life-changing decisions; the Cowboy comes back to Ratwater seeking his revenge

SCENE ONE: Third episode that features the mysterious Cowboy leads off the episode and includes the first ever Chinese Idol competition…Chinese Idol is rudely interrupted by the Cowboy, as he takes revenge for his dead horse, wife and child by annihilating everyone in the saloon…is his dismissal of Jesus foreshadowing  with what happen with Jesse Custer? Frustrating for a non-comic book reader such as myself, that it does not appear that they will connect this story line to the present day this season…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 66%

SCENE TWO: Preacher being extremely honest with The Sheriff when he tells him he sent his son (Arseface) to ‘h’, ‘e’, double hockey sticks…wow, nice escape by Custer thanks to Quincannon’s gold pen unlocking the back door…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 95%

SCENE THREE: Cowboys booking a trip to hell…comic gold when the travel agent tries to extort twenty minutes of sex with deBlanc or Fiore (I can’t keep them straight)…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 70%…I figure they are trying to bring Arseface back but don’t understand how that will get them Genesis? (EDITOR’S NOTE: Really

SCENE FOUR: Tulip and Emily (I’ve finally learned her name!) continue to play headgames about their feelings for Jesse (why either of them are interested are beyond me)…clunky scene as Emily learns about Cassidy in about thirty seconds and seems completely ‘ok’ with it…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 85%

SCENE FIVE: Preacher hanging with some bums underneath the railroad tracks and eating pancakes…still promising to bring God to church this Sunday…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 73%

SCENE SIX: Emily redeems scene four with a creepy Cassidy feeding…man, Cassidy should not have walked out into the sun a couple of episodes back because he is looking extra crispy…and let’s hope Miles picks up that bottle of panhandle Pinot Grigio…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 97%

SCENE SEVEN: Another solid Angel scene ends in their usual brand of cosmic ineptitude…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 89%

SCENE EIGHT: Looks like Emily is watching ‘Psycho’, too bad Preacher isn’t on A&E or there could be some good Bates Motel cross promotion…is Emily not going to feed Cassidy after he cries out for more varmints? LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 72%

SCENE NINE: Oh man, is Emily going to sacrifice Miles to Cassidy?? Wow, yes, yes she is. Really don’t know what to make of that character choice…seems befuddling…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 33% (I understand what happened just don’t think it makes sense)

SCENE TEN: The Sheriff checks out The Angels blood soaked hotel room and we finally figure out what happened to The Seraphim from a few episodes back as they chopped off her arms and legs to keep her alive but quite immobile(quite clever)…oh boy, Sheriff done brought back The Seraphim! LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 84%

SCENE ELEVEN: Never get on a Distant Vistas mini-bus!! LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 92%

SCENE TWELVE: Emily’s complete transformation into Tulip is complete as she shows no remorse getting Miles killed by Cassidy (who looks like he needs one more human to return to his normal self)…nice Jesse/Cassidy scene…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 86%

SCENE THIRTEEN: Quincannon seems quite pleased with himself in a superfluous scene with Donny…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 92%

SCENE FOURTEEN: Wow, I must have missed when Cassidy or Jesse took the Angels telephone…Jesse loads Tulip’s voicemail with a long and winding tale of M&M pancakes…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 93%

SCENE FIFTEEN: Tulip found the long talked about Carlos (who looked like he was competing in the Tour de France)…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 97%

SCENE SIXTEEN: Wow, first time we have ever taken two scenes with the Cowboy…wait, we’ve seen this before, it’s like the whole story on fast forward (but only the first button of fast forward as it’s been going on for about five minutes now, this is ridiculous)…ah, the Cowboy is in a hell-aciously vicious loop just like Roland the Gunslinger…I have to walk back my comment from the first scene as The Angels show up and ask the Cowboy to kill the Preacher! LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 84%

SCENE SEVENTEEN: Best buds again as Preacher and Cassidy bury the mayor, a dog and assorted other creatures…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 99% (You can never be completely sure!)…

FINAL VERDICT: I know that eventually these characters are going to leave this town and I have to figure that is where we are headed for next week’s season finale…good episode besides Emily’s uncharacteristic behavior…thanks for reading, Loyal Mockers and of course, listen to The Mockers Podcast for some weekly Preacher chat!

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