How Well Do You Understand Preacher?

      Hello Loyal Mockers and welcome to my first Real Time Preacher Blog. I have seen the first two episodes and have enjoyed the vim and vigor even if it hasn’t made much narrative sense. I am going to so scene by scene in the third episode and rate my level of understanding…let the record show

PRE-OPENING CREDITS SCENE: Our girl Tulip is talking to, who I think is a new character (surprise, surprise) and trades the map she has been carrying around for the last known address of someone who fucked shit up between her and Jesse Custer…new character then goes to a snuff fest and hands the map to an Unimpressed Man…Level of Understanding: 64%

SCENE TWO: Continuation of an episode two scene with the Sheriff talking to the mysterious lads who somehow died and came back with no explanation as of yet…Sheriff seems very gullible to be taking these two at their word…never trust a pretzel man…Mysterious Lads reveal they have a small arsenal under the bedspread and vow to take the spirit that is inside Preacher…Level of Understanding: 80%

SCENE THREE: YES! I called it during The Mockers Podcast as The Girl With Half A Head is still comatose but does have her eyes open after Preacher used his power of persuasion on her at the end of episode two…Level of Understanding: 95%

SCENE FOUR: Wow, I thought that kid was going to catch a whooping from Donny…nice scene showing two of the characters that Preacher has already made a mess of…oh man, love at first sight once again for Scary Creepy Guy…Level of Understanding: 95% (I don’t think I can ever be 100% with this show)

SCENE FIVE: Enjoy the scenes with Cassidy and Preacher’s Assistant (one of these episodes I’ll figure out what her name is)…turns out Jesse was just lounging on the couch all day…Level of Understanding: 70%…don’t really understand why the coffin was delivered to the church…

SCENE SIX: Tulip talks her way out of a ticket in a scene that Tarentino could sue for copyright infringement…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 95%

SCENE SEVEN: Amusing scene of Simon Says as Preacher commands Cassidy to do a shit load of things with a sinister look on his face…Johnny Cash alert…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 100% (feeling confidant)…

SCENE EIGHT: Quincannon Meat & Power, that name makes me chuckle every time…it took two viewings but realize Odin Quincannon is listening to the snuff film from the first scene, implying that he is The Unimpressed Man…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 67% (all this snuff film stuff makes me hope that Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix will be appearing soon)…

SCENE NINE: Jesse doesn’t seem as jazzed about his power anymore but Cassidy sees major potential…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 86%

SCENE TEN: Love the Tom Cruise funeral news clip playing in the background as the Mysterious Lads are suited up for round two…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 95%

SCENE ELEVEN: Poor Donny, he is getting put upon in this episode, as he can’t even lift Quincannon’s breakfast tray…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 65%

SCENE TWELVE: Love Cassidy’s poncho and he spots the Mysterious Lads! LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 75%

SCENE THIRTEEN: The weekly Tulip/Preacher scene where she tries to understand why Jesse wants to be “a good guy”…address from first scene leads to a fella named Carlos who left Jesse and Tulip high and dry after a recent job went bad…looks like Jesse is leaving the ‘good guy’ persona for the remainder of the episode as he joins Tulip for a roadtrip of revenge…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 85%

SCENE FOURTEEN: That was awesome…Cassidy runs over the Mysterious Lads with the church van…they quickly regenerate and want to bargain with our favorite vampire…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 90%

SCENE FIFTEEN: What the fuck? How did Donny know Preacher was going to be in that bathroom? Donny’s day just keeps getting worse and worse but at least Preacher doesn’t actually make him blow his head off…Preacher also calls off the Road to Revenge Tour…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 90%

SCENE SIXTEEN: Mysterious Lads turn out to be from heaven and Cassidy convinces them to lay off the gun show for a while…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 80%

SCENE SEVENTEEN: Arseface!! He wants to go visit Half-Head but his dad, The Sheriff puts the kibosh on that idea…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 70%

SCENE EIGHTEEN: Is that a Lucinda Stroke Williams song I hear in the background of Jesse’s sparsely attended funeral service for the dude that cut his heart out? LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 85%

FINAL VERDICT: This episode seemed a little less gonzo than the previous two and was my least favorite but it still had a lot of good stuff, but alas, no Nic Cage…


I am watching on DVR and I catch the tail end of a ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ episode…who the fuck is watching that fucking show?

SCENE ONE: Not sure how this Annville fits into the scope of things and we have a confusing scene in that locale that includes school buses, mascots, a paintball mis-direct and a sinkhole… LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 33%

SCENE TWO: Flashback!! We see a much more populated church preached by Jesse’s dad and cut to present day and a nice scene between Cassidy and Preacher…love that we get to see the poncho again…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 87%

SCENE THREE: Back to Annville and the girl who fell in the sinkhole during the first scene is pulled out, much worse for wear…quick press conference by Odin Quincannon replete with Mr. Microphone that does not impress Tulip…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 40%

SCENE FOUR: It’s cute how big a crush the Preacher’s Assistant has on Preacher…I would go to church if I could win a flatscreen…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 91%

SCENE FIVE: Flashback!!  We see a young Tulip teaching young Jesse how to blow smoke rings!! Her witnessing Jesse receive an unnecessary beating from his Preacher father colors in her opinion of his recent mission, well done show runners! LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 90%

SCENE SIX: Splendid sequence between Cassidy and The Mysterious Lads who will now be known as The Angels…Cassidy quickly blows all the money he took from The Angels for his ‘middleman’ services on an old school Mockers Rock’n’Roll Weekend in the scene’s epilogue…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 95%

SCENE SEVEN: Quincannon pisses over the Green Acres Group literature to end a long scene with a Simpering Local Politician…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 50% (this storyline seems really tangential at this point)…

SCENE EIGHT: I am starving right now so that Big As Texas Burger looks mighty fine…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 65%

SCENE NINE: Simpering Local Politician scores with Preacher’s Assistant…at least, I think it’s the Simpering Local Politician…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 72%

SCENE TEN: Extended sequence set in the Annville brothel (where we find out that Tulip’s mom used to turn tricks) that ends up with Cassidy sucking down a fridge full of plasma…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 83%

SCENE ELEVEN: Flashback!! Preacher’s Dad is paying a visit to Odin Quincannon (who appears to have had the same office for the past 25 years)…we probably now know who had Preacher’s Dad killed…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 29%

SCENE TWELVE: Present day Jesse playing miniature soldiers with present day Odin Quincannon, interesting conversation that ends with the classic “I’ll trade you my land in exchange for you showing up to my church” ploy…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 74%

SCENE THIRTEEN: Full house for present day Preacher and he uses his power of persuasion to convince Odin Quincannon to ‘serve God’…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 92%

SCENE FOURTEEN: Episode ends with The Angels receiving a call from the telephone they didn’t want to hear ring…LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING: 50%

FINAL VERDICT: About halfway through its first season and Preacher still has plenty of secrets but is doing a nice job slowing spilling the beans…

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