Captain America (1979)


OK I know I wasn’t expecting an Academy Award masterpiece when this arrived in my library (yes, that is how Plex servers are built), I had to see it.

Sadly, maybe I didn’t. 52 minutes in or so and Steve finally relents. Steve is the whole movie. Captain America, the motorcycle driving, Frisbee wielding super-zero did nothing to improve upon the frail beginnings. I certainly don’t think this Cap served anytime overseas fighting the Germans.

I just wanted Steve to yield whatever film the bad guys wanted. Just give it to them. If anything so I can move onto the next Captain America: Death Too Soon. At least in that one he shouldn’t be Steve the entire time.

This is really his shield. It’s cheap plastic.

For a moment I went to tweet and then…the credits rolled. I can even surmise how this movie ended because if you survived the 12 minute motorcycle driving scene and the 20 minute helicopter ride you are a better man then I.


* out of **** Strictly for Captain America fans. And only to have those dreams of Cap being in a good movie held off for decades.


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