15 Questions With The Crew from T Pub Comics!

Recently I came across a comic on the internet entitled THEATRICS.  It wasn’t long before the mighty Twitter led me to the creators of this comic and we offered them our first 15 questions.
1) what are you up to?
Quite a lot and I’m not sure you want me to list it all!


We are releasing volume 5 of Twisted Dark at the end of next month and we are beta testing an app which lets people read any of the interconnected stories in the order they want. In fact, your readers are welcome to be part of the test group: tpub.co.uk/index.htm

We will soon announce a short film competition with prizes for the winners based on filming some of the stories.

Turncoat will be released in a few months (its a hilarious superhero comedy about an assassin who kills superheroes, only he is crap at it).
We have also launched a comics course teaching people how to make comics. If anyone wants a free pack teaching them how we make comics, they can get it here: http://tiny.cc/HowToMakeComics

And last but certainly not least we have our new webcomic Theatrics but the incredible Leo Gonzalez. You can read it for free here ==> http://tiny.cc/TurncoatMR

2) How would you describe the state of the comic world in the UK vs the US?

Comics have more respect (and consumption) in the US. In the UK they are still often looked down upon, which is a shame and something I am passionate about changing.


3) I took a read of Theatrics and thought it was a fantastic book.

You have good taste! 🙂

Is it a conscious decision to go in a more real world approach?
I think all stories should be believable, but that does not mean they have to take place in the real world. For example I am writing The Theory, which is a science fiction series and set in the future. I am also writing a fantasy comic. But it is certainly a lot easier to set things in the real world because you have a reference for how things work.


4) How do you feel about digital comics vs print?

Digital is the future. My heart is with print (I only buy print trade paperbacks).

5) Is the World of Chub Chub based on any particular chubby individual?
Oh dear…Busted.  Yes it was me. It was never meant to be a comic for sale – it was made a a gift for my mother where I recounted several childhood events. Unfortunately she found it so funny she insisted I print it and here we are – everyone knows what an awful child I was.
6) Did you see Batman vs Superman and why was it made?
Haven’t seen it yet.

7) Speaking of B VS S do you think it’s a good move to let Zack Snyder direct anything ever again?
I think Zack Snyder is a GREAT visual director, if not the best I have ever seen. He makes things look cool and fresh. However, I do not believe he is a great storyteller. If he had someone help him with plot, and left him alone to direct a great story, I think he would be incredible. Sadly for all his considerable talent, he doesn’t choose the best scripts. Frankly I’d love to see him direct a noir story – redo a classic.


8) Favorite comic book movie of all time?

The Dark Knight.

9) We recently talked to the rock band Inglorious.   Lead singer Nathan James referred to Andrew Lloyd Webber as a dick?  Would you tend to concur with Nathan?
I don’t know either of them so I couldn’t comment.


10) What is the hardest part in getting a comic from the head to the shelf or device?
Ooof. It all depends. Sometimes it’s financing the book, sometimes it’s dealing with the writer, artist, colourist, the letterer or the editor. Other times it is the printing issues or promotion to shops.
Nothing is impossible and nothing is ever smooth.


11) While writing I just recalled the DC effort Justice League Europe… Wtf?

No comment!

12)Artist Battle :
Todd McFarlane vs Erik Larsen


John Byrne vs Neil Adams
Neil Adams


Jim Lee vs John Romita Jr

Jim Lee

Jack Kirby vs Steve Ditko
Ah. This is a thoughie. Let me read the original Spider-man run and get back to you! Style wise and choice of shot wise, I prefer Kirby but I have heard Ditko’s storytelling is brilliant and I am ashamed to say I simply don’t know his work. I have bought the original Spider-man run, and will hopefully get to it next week.


13) What’s your favorite movie so far of 2016?
Zootopia. I thought it was brilliant.
14) Thoughts on reality TV?
As a one off it was refreshing and fascinating when it first appeared. Now it will be the death of civilisation.


15) When can we expect the Mockers to appear in a comic panel?
You get us 1,000 new readers and I will create a character based on you. How’s that for a deal? 🙂


Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!
You are very welcome. I hope the answers were interesting!
Make sure you check out all the great offerings at http://tpub.co.uk/

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